BREAKFAST - choose 1 option per group

morning departures at 8am, 9am, and 10am ONLY


• Pastries: with butter and jam

• Eggs with chaya: scrambled eggs with chaya leaves

• Vegetarian Omelette: with mushrooms and cheese

• Fried eggs: with bacon and bread

• French bread: with red berries and agave honey

• Muffins: with beans, cheese and pico de gallo

• Quesadillas: traditional Oaxaca cheese with avocado


SNACKS - choose 3 options per group


• Mayan Guacamole: avocado salad, pico de gallo, coriander, lime and roasted pumpkin seeds.

• Chips: “Lays” (Adobadas, Doritos and Ruffles).

• Seasonal fruit: mix of seasonal and tropical fruit.

• Crudités: jicama and carrot sticks with ranch dressing.

• Cheese skewer with grapes and olives.

• Mini shrimp cocktail with sauce, pico de gallo, coriander and lime.

• Traditional chickpea hummus, accompanied by pita bread.

• Traditional nachos with cheddar cheese, pico de gallo and beans.

• Cream cheese dip with mango and serrano sauce, accompanied by crackers.

• Serrano ham tapas with gouda cheese, ranch dressing, arugula, sun-dried tomato and black olives.

CEVICHES  - choose 2 options per group


• Mixed ceviche: traditional shrimp, fish and octopus with pico de gallo, avocado and lime.

• Caribbean ceviche: tuna with ponzu, mango, coriander, pico de gallo and avocado.

• Shrimp ceviche: shrimp with passion fruit, tiger’s milk with tequila, pico de gallo and avocado.

• Shrimp agua chile: shrimp, serrano chili sauce, cucumber and coriander, red onion, chili serrano and avocado.

• Vegan ceviche: celery, coconut, tomato, onion, serrano pepper, avocado and heart of palm, in a clamato sauce with lime.


SANDWICH - choose 1 option per group


• Chicken gouda cheese ciabatta, pesto, onion, sun-dried tomato, avocado and chipotle mayonnaise.

• Smoked salmon bagel with spinach, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, pickled onion and coriander mayonnaise.

• Portobello burger with roasted pineapple, roasted onion, mayonnaise and goat’s cheese.

• Vegetarian baguette with mushrooms, Oaxaca cheese and mixed lettuce salad with cherry tomatoes.

• Club sandwich: classic, with chicken breast, ham, tomato, lettuce, bacon, gouda cheese and mayonnaise.

• Chicken burrito: grilled chicken with peppers, roasted onion, lettuce and rice, with a chipotle dressing.

DESSERT - choose 1 option per group


• Cheesecake: a delicious treat accompanied by fresh and exotic blueberries.

• Strawberry mousse: a delicious combination with dark chocolate zest.

• Corn bread: exotic Mexican sweet bread accompanied by delicious caramel.

• Chocolate brownie: served with refreshing vanilla ice cream.


FULL DAY CHARTER (9 HOUR) ALSO INCLUDES (in addition to the above):

MAINS - choose 2 options or BBQ (but not both) per group


• Tuna and chia with warm pineapple and broccoli salad, pickled mustard, orange vinaigrette, seasonal sprout.

• Veracruz-style fish fillet with peppers and onions in white wine, guajillo chili relish, pickled mustard and seasonal sprout.

• Rib eye with baby vegetables, butter with rosemary, arugula and seasonal sprouts.

• Jumbo shrimp with chipotle mayonnaise.

• Chicken breast with mushroom sauce, butter and garlic.

• Pasta frutti di mare: pasta with fish, octopus and shrimp with pomodoro sauce.

• Pasta 4 cheeses: pasta with Parmesan, mozzarella, goat and gorgonzola cheese sauce.

MAIN SIDE DISHES - choose 1 option per group

• Caesar salad: romaine lettuce, chicken, Parmesan cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and Caesar dressing.

• Mixed salad: mixed lettuce, walnuts, black olives, red onion and cherry tomatoes.



BBQ - choose BBQ or MAINS (above) but not both per group


• Steak, chicken, shrimp, fish and grilled chorizo accompanied by roasted vegetables: zucchini, potato, eggplant, baby onion and pineapple.

BBQ SIDE DISHES (choose 1 option per group)


• Pasta Pomodoro with Parmesan cheese

• Beef Burger with cheese, mayonnaise and ketchup

• Hotdog with mayonnaise, ketchup and bacon

• Grilled cheese sandwich with a thousand islands dressing

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