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How-To-Guide: Booking a Yacht in Tulum

Many of our Tulum Yachts customers often have to do extensive research on booking a boat or yacht in Tulum. As a yacht management company in Tulum, let us help you prepare. Here is our simple guide to reserving a boat in Tulum.

Where is the marina in Tulum?

In Tulum, there are no marinas or docks for yachts. The nearest marina is located in Puerto Aventuras, where Tulum Yachts is located. It's 30-45 minutes from Tulum or 20-25 min from Playa del Carmen.

Do note: Knowing that there is no marina in Tulum, you would need to arrange transportation to and from there. If you plan to take advantage of the open bar, we highly recommend booking roundtrip transportation beforehand (please see our sister company, Go Tulum Travel's prices here). Taxis are known to charge outrageous prices (over $200 USD one way), so plan ahead!

What kind of boats are offered at Puerto Aventuras Marina?

Puerto Aventuras is a small marina with medium-sized luxury boats. Due to its size and protected, surrounding nature, you will not find super yachts or jet skis here. Consider us boutique, sustainable, and high-end.

What is the process of reserving a boat?

We recommend browsing our fleet and selecting the best boat option and budget with your group before contacting us for boat availability. When you're ready, here is the step-by-step process:


Contact us with your date and departure time (9am or 2pm), how many total guests, and boat preference. If you need assistance selecting between a catamaran or yacht, please read our other post here.


We will respond and confirm availability within 24 hours.


In order to secure the boat and date, we will e-mail you a deposit request, valid for 24 hours. Once we receive your deposit, you will receive a detailed confirmation, helping you prepare for a great Tulum Yachts adventure. We have an excellent cancellation policy: 100% refundable if weather related (the port closes), so no worries! 👌

  • ADD-ON's

We can organize all the extras to create an amazing excursion! If you'd like to add other services like transportation or champagne, please see our add-on options here.

Have fun and enjoy!

We are here to make your Tulum getaway enjoyable and memorable! Our sister company, Go Tulum Travel, can also assist you with private Tulum transportation and tours. Do you have any questions or would like further information? Take a peek at our awesome FAQ's, basically answering most questions, if not all. We look forward to hosting you -- so contact us soon!

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