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Booking a Catamaran in Tulum: Pros and Cons

For your unforgettable Tulum Yachts boat tour, you can choose one of our motor yachts, or catamaran. It is essential to set the right expectations when you go sailing for the first time at Puerto Aventuras, so you won't be disappointed. If you have never experienced a catamaran cruise, don’t worry about it. We are here to help you. Here is our breakdown of the pros and cons of a catamaran.

First, we define a catamaran as a multihull vessel, suitable for guests who have never been on a boat since it offers much higher comfort.

There are two basic categories of catamarans:

  • Sailing catamaran, powered primarily by wind, with sails and two fuel-efficient engines for maneuvering (average speed of catamaran powered by sails is around 12 knots, by the engine up to 15 knots) or;

  • Power catamaran, which has no sail at all, but has two powerful engines that can sail at 30+ knots. It all depends on the power of the engine and the weight of the catamaran. However, this is at the expense of high fuel consumption.

Pros of Catamarans:

  • More space than yachts - Catamarans generally provide far more living space in the main lounge area and cockpit, than the space found aboard yachts. It is ideal for larger groups and families because of the extra space.

  • More stability, less floating - Anyone who may be prone to seasickness will feel the effects much less aboard a catamaran than they might on a yacht. As a bonus, the added stability makes the onboard chef's job a lot less challenging, both while underway and at anchor. Catamarans don’t rock and roll the way yachts do.

  • Excellent maneuvering - 2 separate engines, each on each hull gives absolute comfort in maneuvering in marinas. It is ideal for families with children; it can anchor in the La Bocana Cove (one of the stops) a few meters from the shore at a depth of only 2 meters.

Cons of Catamarans:

  • More noise - Because of its wide bridge deck strapped between two hulls, there can be slapping or pounding while underway in heavier seas.

  • Higher price for charter - you get what you pay for. Catamarans charters are more expensive than yachts of the same length.

  • Availability - Catamarans are super popular. So when you want to charter a catamaran, always book early. Due to high demand, we recommend contacting us for dates.

Our current catamarans to book: Aventura 34, Lagoon 38, Leopard 40, Lagoon 42, Catamaran 46, Leopard 44, and Leopard 51.

We are here to make your Tulum getaway enjoyable and memorable! Do you have any questions or would like further information? Take a peek at our awesome FAQ's, basically answering most questions, if not all. We look forward to hosting you -- so contact us soon!


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