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Which Boat is Better in Tulum: Yacht or Catamaran?

If planning a Caribbean boat tour, and you are not sure whether you want a catamaran or a yacht, we are here to help you evaluate the best vessel for your group. Personally, we love both, and for different reasons. Below is our breakdown of the catamaran and the yacht.

Choose a Catamaran:

  • Stability is a big plus for families with young children, or people who are prone to sea sickness. Much easier to walk around on deck and within the interior of the yacht while underway.

  • Generally more spacious than yachts, especially in the lounge, galley, and cockpit. Their cabins are often more spacious too.

  • More privacy on a catamaran than on a yacht due to its layout. There is greater separation from the main living space and cabins.

  • The shallow draft of a catamaran allows you to anchor in shallower water, which means you can be closer to the beach than almost all yachts.

  • Many of our catamarans have raised or fly bridge helms, which means better visibility.

  • Due to the majority of living space being above the waterline, you get much better air flow through natural ventilation, making the need for air conditioning less important, especially during the daylight hours.

  • If you are into scuba diving, carrying tanks and all the assorted equipment is much easier on a catamaran.

  • Catamarans offer the best sundecks for sunbathing and even trampolines and water slides.

Choose a Yacht:

  • You can’t go wrong with a yacht for good looks. Our Azimut 50, for example, is one of the best looking boats at Puerto Aventuras.

  • Generally more maneuverable and is faster to respond to the helm than a catamaran.

  • Yachts slice through the water effortlessly without the loud slapping that some catamarans often produce.

  • Generally less expensive to charter than a catamaran.

  • Square foot for square foot, yachts tend to be smaller than catamarans, simply due to the shape of the boat and the usable space each design permits.

Clearly, catamarans and yachts have their advantages but ultimately, your boat selections depend on the following factors:

  • Personal preferences;

  • Budget; and

  • Date availability.

Do you have any questions regarding choosing the right boat for your group? Contact us, and we are more than happy to assist! ⚓️ We are here to make your Tulum getaway enjoyable and memorable! Take a peek at our awesome FAQ's, basically answering most questions, if not all. We look forward to hosting you!


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